Depending on Your Situation, Our Flexible Leasing May Be for You!


You're probably familiar with an apartment's 12 month lease agreement terms, but sometimes people need more flexibility in their living situation because of family, travel or work needs. Flexible leasing is perfect for people looking for new jobs or for people on a temporary job assignment. Living with a month-to-month lease means that you won't have … [Read more...]

Stay Green This Spring With These Recycling Tips for Your Villa Rica Apartment


When you live in apartments in Villa Rica, you may not realize how many ways you can be green within your living space. Did you know that by living here, you are saving energy by using less heating and cooling than a house normally would? First, make sure you know where the local recycling center is. is a great place to find the closest one … [Read more...]

Surprise Your Mother With Breakfast in Bed at Her Villa Rica Apartment


You may have seen advertisements reminding you that Mother's Day is just around the corner; Sunday, May 11 to be exact! If you will be living in our apartments in Villa Rica during the celebrations, why not surprise your mother from the comfort of home? A great option if you're on a budget and want to impress her with your culinary skills, the following … [Read more...]

Serve the Villa Rica Community and Volunteer at Pine Mountain Park This Spring


If you choose to rent apartments in Villa Rica, it's only right that you should be intrigued about the city's past. Many people are unaware of the fact that this destination saw a huge gold rush in the early 1800s. Pine Mountain Gold Museum is the place to go if you want to learn about the rich history, because this building houses exhibits and artifacts … [Read more...]

Keep Your Dog Hydrated as the Weather Warms in Villa Rica


It's not always easy to encourage Fido to drink his water when exploring the great outdoors. However, a lack of liquids could result in dehydration or heat stroke, which in some cases can be fatal. As the climate changes it's imperative that you learn about animal hydration when renting our pet friendly apartments in Villa Rica. How Does Water Benefit … [Read more...]